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How It Works

Turn walk-aways into walk-ins.


Serendipity pings shopper's phones when they are near your storefront. The ping comes from a Beacon that we place in your store.


The beacon sends a simple notification of a coupon or on-going promotion just for the customer. You set the discount level, the text, expiration, and other options.

More Sales

Customers reached while "in the moment" will enter your store more often. Simple incentives while in proximity to your store will lead to more purchases.

Why it works

Because you got a shopper's attention in front of your store, they are far more likely enter and make a purchase

  • Shopper approaches your storefront.

    At this point the shopper is happy minding their own business, walking down the street.

  • Shopper receives a notification on their smartphone.

    When the shopper gets within range of your store's beacon (usually 100ft - 150ft), their smartphone buzzes and makes a sound. They just received a notification from your store. How exciting!

  • Shopper opens the notification.

    The shopper taps on the notification. The promotion or message you supplied is now displayed on the shopper's smartphone. Because the customer is in front of your store and now has a coupon, they are very likely to enter.

  • Shopper enters your store.

    Congratulations! You just got noticed! Because the shopper now has a coupon in hand they are far more likely to walk into your store, interact with a sales person, and make a purchase!

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